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When you have a problem with your water heater, it may be hard to know whether it merits an emergency call. You want to avoid paying extra for an emergency call, but you also don’t want to endanger your family by letting a serious problem go unchecked. You can always call the team at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare to get professional advice about your situation. Nothing is as good as personalized advice, but the general guidelines we’re about to explain can also help.

Emergency Water Heater Situations

These are some of the emergency situations that can come up with water heaters:

  • Gas leaks: If you have a gas-fueled water heater, then there is always the possibility of a gas leak, which is an emergency situation. If you smell gas (it’s like rotten eggs) then you should call your HVAC professional, your gas company, and the fire department.
  • High pressure: You shouldn’t ignore the signs that you have high pressure in your plumbing system. Water tanks that experience high pressure will typically relieve it through the safety valve. However, in the rare case that the safety mechanisms are damaged, the tank can explode. This is an unlikely event, but you should still get pressure problems taken care of right away.
  • Major water leaks: If your water tank is leaking uncontrollably, this is an emergency situation. Major water leaks can damage your home, and potentially lead to mold growth and electrical issues. Even if you get the water turned off, leaving water sitting isn’t wise.
  • Unusually high heat: When they are broken, water heaters may create very hot, scalding water. There are safety mechanisms to prevent such scalding water from getting to the tap and reaching your hands. However, those safety mechanisms can fail. If your water is dangerously hot, you have an emergency situation. This is especially true if you have young children or live with your elderly parents who might use the taps while you wait for a fix.
  • Water quality: Poor water quality may just be a nuisance, or it may be a very serious problem. Hard water is just a nuisance, while water infected with bacteria can be a serious health concern. Any water quality issues you have should be treated as an emergency.

Need to get your water heater fixed or replaced today? Contact our team at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare to learn more about water heater emergencies.

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Other Symptoms of Water Heater Problems

What if we didn’t cover the issue that your water heater has? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not an emergency. If you are noticing that something is off with your water heater, don’t wait to fix this. It is important to call a professional right away! To learn more about what you can do during HVAC emergencies, please contact our experts at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare today.

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