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A new build home offers you the opportunity to complete every detail to your exact specifications. This includes your home’s appearance, function, and comfort. Your HVAC system is a big decision to make for your families comfort. Here we offer tips on how to choose the best HVAC system for a new build home. 

Consider Your Budget 

A budget helps narrow down your choices. The more generous your budget, the more features you can add such as air conditioning, advanced smart technology, radiant heat in the floors and even comfort control for the garage. If you have a tighter budget, focus on the essentials with comfort and energy efficiency in mind. 

Air Conditioning 

Not all homes are air-conditioned. This is one of the areas you can save some money. Some people can live quite comfortably in a new build home without air conditioning, thanks to improved energy efficiency. The attention to details such as improved insulation techniques and stricter building codes contribute to keeping warm air out and cold air in during the summer. However, some things to keep in mind that might make having AC a good choice include: 

  • Homes with prominent south-facing windows 
  • New build homes that are shade deprived because the land has been cleared of mature trees 
  • Your home’s resell value 
  • Asthma or allergy symptoms which can be reduced with air conditioning 

All of these factors influence whether or not you are better off installing air conditioning.   

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The Right Size 

You might think getting a super-sized HVAC system will produce heat and cold more efficiently. However, when your HVAC is too big it has to cycle on and off more often. This costs more money to operate, while also putting unnecessary wear and tear on the system. When this happens it not only makes it impossible for the system to produce ideal temperatures, but it also reduces the lifetime. An HVAC professional can tell you exactly what size is required to efficiently heat and cool your home. We actually use a special calculation to determine the ideal size, in hand with considering your home’s location and insulation. 

Consider Quality 

We’ve mentioned budget above, and this will have some bearing on quality. However, when you consider cost and quality, you need to look at both the short and long-term factors. For example, although a higher quality HVAC system costs more initially, you have to consider how its superior production and performance will impact your costs in the future. A more efficient and well-made system saves you money over the time you live in the home in the following ways: 

  • Energy efficiency keeps your energy bills lower 
  • Improved performance also means the system doesn’t have to work as hard and requires even less energy to operate 
  • Better quality brands provide better warranties saving you money in repairs 
  • Better quality brands last longer so you won’t face replacement costs as soon, an important consideration if this is your “forever” home 

As you can see, while a high price tag upfront might be hard to swallow, understanding the money you can save over time helps offset the cost. 

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