SpacePak Hi-Velocity

Conventional attic central air systems merely drop cold air in at the ceiling; the distribution of cool air is haphazard, leading to over-cooling in some spots or drafts in others. Window air conditioner units or mini-splits require noisy fans within the living space to blow the air around, and there is no overall circulation of the home’s air.

Circulating the air more effectively is what makes a home with SpacePak central air so uniformly comfortable.

Small, Flexible Tubing Instead of Sheet Metal Ductwork

Small Duct Air Conditioning: A central heating or cooling system designed to actively circulate air can use smaller ducts than conventional systems; 2 inch mini duct insulated supply tubing keeps the air moving consistently—like pouring water from a pitcher. This smaller duct allows SpacePak to use flexible tubing to distribute the air instead of bulky sheet metal ductwork.

This tubing is seamless, so it doesn’t waste energy through leaks like sheet metal. And it’s flexible, so passages have no corners to accumulate dust, pollen, or mold. The tubing’s narrow diameter allows it to be placed in the spaces behind walls, floors, and ceilings: it can be installed with virtually no disruption to livable space, nor to interior architectural features.

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Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to helping you find the right cooling solutions for your needs, as well as options for financing and maintenance and protection plans. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of SpacePak Hi-Velocity central air conditioning systems and whether they’re right for you, request a quote today.

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SpacePak can be installed into either new construction or an existing structure.
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