Would we want to control all the lights in our home or office with one light switch? That would not only be an inconvenience, but a substantial waste of energy and money. So why control your HVAC system with one thermostat while wasting money and resulting in an unbalanced comfort across the entire space.

How Does Zoning Work?

Zoning allows homes or offices to be divided into separate temperature zones, in essence room to room temperature control. Zoning is capable of providing this by putting a thermostat in each room or (zone). The thermostat then signals an automatic air control damper in the duct for that room or zone which controls the flow of the conditioned (heated or cooled) air. With zoning, only the area(s) needing conditioned air get it, while areas that are already comfortable do not. This solves the problems of rooms becoming too hot or too cold.

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Zoning can be an ideal solution for you if you have:

  • Large windows in your home.
  • Top floor that’s always warmer than lower floors.
  • House level that’s partially or completely under the ground.
  • Rooms you seldom use.
  • Rooms that feel stuffy.
  • Room that was added since your heating and cooling system was installed.
  • Home office with electronic equipment.
  • Family members with different temperature needs.
  • High heating and cooling bills.
  • Hot and cold spots.
Making Energy Efficiency and Saving Money Easier!
When 55% of your energy bill is for Heating and Cooling, you sure don’t want to waste it in rooms that are not being used or already warm or cool enough.

There are several studies that confirm the tremendous energy savings that Zone Damper Systems can achieve over single zone systems. Zoning allows you to shut off rooms not being used and prevents rooms that are already comfortable from receiving air that makes rooms Too Hot or Too Cool. With today’s high cost of energy, and it will continue to go higher, when did you see your utility bill go down just because gas at the pump dropped, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their utility bill. Heating and cooling unused parts of the home or wasting energy heating or over heating some rooms while others are still too cold is no longer affordable. Many experience this condition in their homes and offices every day.

Zoning solves both problems. When you install a zone damper system with a thermostat in every room or zone, you eliminate the problems associated with forced air of rooms that are Too Hot while others are Too Cold. Zoning provides the benefit of Comfort and the value of Energy Savings.

Studies have shown savings of 15% to 30% for zoning over single thermostat homes.

New home installation is typically less expensive than the cost of retrofitting existing homes. Charges would vary based on the accessibility for running thermostat wires and designing the duct system for zoning; existing systems may need duct modifications to accommodate zoning. The costs would further be determined by the type of HVAC equipment (furnace/air conditioner vs. heat pump), and duct work layout design.

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