Over the last 20 years, a new generation of higher-efficiency gas boilers has come to market. The newer designs have been modified to increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heated air that escapes by extracting more heat, which is contained in the combustion by-products before they are vented.

Improved Efficiency Levels in Boilers

Manufacturers have made a number of improvements to traditional residential boiler systems, making them a great home heating solution. GTA homeowners can expect:

  • No more continuous pilot lights – Most boilers on the market today use some form of intermittent ignition device, usually electronic ignition.
  • Improved insulation levels – To reduce heat lost from casings, new boilers have much better insulation to keep the boiler water hot.
  • Better draft control methods – Many boilers use draft hoods to help stabilize airflow. Others use aspirating gas burners which eliminate the need for a draft hood entirely by using a powered exhaust system.

In many cases, new or renovated houses have reduced space heating loads to the point where it is difficult to justify the expense of a high-efficiency furnace solely to satisfy the heating load. To take advantage of the efficiency potential, it makes sense to combine space heating with other functions, in particular water heating.

What Can an Integrated, High Efficiency Space and Water Heating Systems Do For You?
  • Offer efficiencies of more than 90% for both space and water heating.
  • Be less expensive than the individual appliances.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple exhaust systems.
  • Maximize efficient operation.

Other options, such as a standard efficiency system or a standard efficiency boiler coupled with an external storage tank also exist, although their efficiency potential is lower.

Do you see it? A residential boiler system GTA homeowners can trust can be an especially wise investment. Contact us in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Etobicoke and surrounding areas in the GTA.

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Whether your interest is now piqued in a central boiler or you’re wondering what other ways you can efficiently keep warm this winter, there are plenty of advantages to working with us.

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