Learning about HVAC on the job

HVAC as an industry continues to grow and there is high demand[1] for HVAC installers in Ontario. If you’re fascinated with machines and enjoy working with your hands, starting a career in this industry is an excellent choice.

Wondering how to become an HVAC technician in Ontario? Here’s a short guide on how you can start.

First Steps to Becoming an HVAC Technician

All HVAC technicians need to graduate high school, or earn both their GED and completion of some high school courses or just the ACE. Then, you’ll need to meet the requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), the regulating body.

The TSSA does not require you to complete a pre-apprenticeship program in order to become licensed, but you do need to complete an apprenticeship. Some programs allow you to “challenge” the HVAC licensing tests, or to take them in order to prove you already know the information.

If you’ve already worked in the industry for two years as a gas technician two license holder, you can challenge the gas technician level one test, which gives you the highest license in the trade. Why gas technician? HVAC technicians require gas licenses, as the two trades have a great deal of overlap. There is technically no such thing[2] as an HVAC license in Ontario.

Additional licenses, like the Oil Burner Technician certification, may be of use to you depending on what you want to do within the field of HVAC.

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HVAC Apprenticeship

The next step is to apply for an apprenticeship through the Ontario Ministry of Training in either air conditioning or refrigeration apprenticeship program.  Also you will be required to be registered with  Ontario College of Trades and hold a valid membership.

Your apprenticeship is mostly on the job training, but also requires some in-class course credits as well. You will need to have an apprenticeship that gives you experience in both the gas technician and air conditioner fields.

On the Job Learning is Critical

In our opinion, the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for a career as an HVAC technician is get some hands-on experience. Learning on the job makes you a strong candidate for apprenticeships and HVAC technician positions. There are several ways to get more on the job experience:

  • High school Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship Program
  • Pre-apprenticeship program that includes on-the-job learning
  • An apprenticeship

After three to five years of in-class and on the job learning, you’ll be prepared to graduate from apprentice to HVAC technician. Who knows, you may find yourself employed with us at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare. If you have more questions about the process, reach out to us today.

[1]     https://globalnews.ca/news/3905609/7-in-demand-trade-jobs-in-canada/

[2]     http://blog.getatrade.com/blog/did-you-know-there-is-no-such-thing-as-an-hvac-license

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