Estimating the Life Expectancy of Different Parts in Your AC

Learn how long your air conditioner compressor should last, as well as the life expectancy of other parts of your air conditioner.

Estimating the Life Expectancy of Different Parts in Your AC

An average air conditioner can last up to 12 to 15 years depending on the model and maintenance over the years, but certain parts of your air conditioner have a different life expectancy depending on how well your air conditioner is maintained. Estimates during regular service of your AC can help you predict when you’ll need to invest in a new part for your air conditioner, or if it’s wiser to simply replace it.

How Long Should Your Air Conditioner Compressor Last?

Your air conditioner compressor should last the whole lifespan of your air conditioner, about twelve years or more if you choose a ClimateCare air conditioner. However, it might not last that long if your air conditioner is too small for the space it’s cooling, or if you don’t keep your air conditioner well-maintained.

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Replacements for air conditioner compressors can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on the size and type, so it’s best to have your technician keep a close eye on this component during routine service of your AC and to let you know when it’s time to think about replacing it.

How Long Does Refrigerant Last in an Air Conditioner?

Refrigerant in your air conditioner is used to move heat out of the unit. Unless there is a leak or break, refrigerant should last the whole lifespan of your air conditioner. However, refrigerant leaks are relatively common.

If your refrigerant has leaked you will need to have the leak fixed and more refrigerant put into the system so your air conditioner can cool just as much as it used to. At a certain point, however, it may be wiser to get a new air conditioner than to continue to repair the leaks.

Should You Get a New Air Conditioner?

If your air compressor is broken or your refrigerant is constantly leaking, it is usually more cost effective to simply get a new air conditioner than to replace the parts. The compressor is the most expensive part of the air conditioner, so rarely makes sense to continue to replace it if there are continuing issues. Your refrigerant may, or may not, be worth replacement depending on frequency of leaks or other problems with it.

At Woodbridge GTA Climate Care we’ll always be honest with you about whether it’s more cost effective for you to have repairs done or look into getting a new air conditioner. We also carry some great options when you need to replace your air conditioner, including ductless air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Maintenance from Woodbridge GTA Climate Care

A well-maintained air conditioner can last up to fifteen years and Woodbridge GTA Climate Care offers smart air conditioner maintenance packages that can help you get the longest life possible for your air conditioner, saving you on replacement costs.

We can tell you exactly how long your air conditioner compressor should last if we know which model you own and what the life expectancy of your other AC parts looks like during a maintenance appointment. Contact us to get our expert advice and book your appointment today.

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