At Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare, we care about our customers. This is why we like to keep you informed about heating and cooling your home. In this instance, we’ll be discussing buying a new furnace, necessary upkeep, and how to keep it running for years to come.

How Long Does a New Furnace Last and How Can You Extend its Life?

Buying a new furnace is a great investment. It guarantees new, clean working parts, and a warranty for repair and replacement. A new furnace is expensive, so maximizing its lifespan is important. Believe it or not, your furnace will last longer before replacement if you take care of it.

One of the questions we get in the furnace repair industry is, “How long does a furnace last?” This is a great question. On average, a well-maintained furnace lasts anywhere between 15 and 20 years. Some exceed these expectations, but that requires some extra diligence on your part.

Factors Which Affect Furnace Performance

“How long does a furnace last?” isn’t the only question we receive regularly regarding home heating. Many clients also want to know about the elements, which affect overall furnace performance. Here are some of the main factors influencing longevity.

Price – The cost of a new furnace changes with manufacturer and size. For a high-quality furnace, you’ll pay more, but you’ll also get more life out of it. In Canada, the average furnace can cost anywhere from $3000 to $5500. Of course, you can also find units below-market pricing for around $2500, or above-market pricing at $6000. Mid-range furnaces run just fine, but most heating specialists will warn against buying a discount furnace.

Size – The size of your furnace also impacts performance. Your furnace size should be dictated by the space it’s designed to heat. For this reason, it’s good to get the input of a specialist before buying. A furnace that is too small will work harder to heat the space it’s in, and this could cause problems. Similarly, a furnace that is too large for the home where it’s installed could overheat the space.

Maintenance – Annual checkups from a furnace repair professional is an excellent way to guarantee maximum longevity. There are also things you can do at home to maintain your furnace. These include:

  • Regularly changing filters
  • Cleaning air vents and ductwork
  • Clearing space around the furnace
  • Using the right-sized filters for your unit

With these strategies in mind, keep an eye on furnace productivity and performance. If you notice the house isn’t heating as quickly, or there are odd smells coming from the ductwork, contact a heating and cooling service.

Get the Best Service for Your Furnace

Maintaining a new furnace takes time and patience. Working with the best heating and cooling specialists will help reduce future repair costs. At Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare, our service technicians are well-versed in furnace repair.

Want to learn more about furnace upkeep? Contact us today and talk to one of our specialists. We’re always happy to lend a hand and help our neighbours here in Woodbridge, Ontario.

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