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Is your furnace filter garbage or recycling? Depending on your circumstances (i.e. cleaning schedule, allergies etc.), every 3 to 4 months you should swap out your furnace filter. If you do this yourself, then you don’t have your HVAC technician around to dispose of it for you. How do you do it properly? It depends on where you live. We’ll walk you through how to properly dispose of your furnace filter anywhere in the GTA. 

Dispose of Your Furnace Filter in Peel 

According to the Region of Peel, your furnace filter is garbage and can be safely disposed of in your garbage bin, or your grey bin. You can also wrap it up in an extra garbage bag if yours is already full. But, excess bags must be tagged in the Region of Peel with a garbage tag. 

Dispose of Your Furnace Filter in Halton 

The Region of Halton considers furnace filters to be garbage. You can place them in your garbage bag the same as other waste. The region also offers time-based tips. You should place your garbage at the curb before 7 am the morning it will be collected. But you should not put it out before 5 pm the evening before. 

Dispose of Your Furnace Filter in Durham Region 

The Region of Durham also collects furnace filters with the garbage. If you live in Durham, you can dispose of your furnace filters simply by putting them in your garbage bins as usual. This region also gives you the tip of having your garbage out at the curb before 7 am on your scheduled day. 

Dispose of Your Furnace Filter in York 

In York, it is not the region that collects your garbage. So, unfortunately, you have to check with your individual municipality to know where you should dispose of your furnace filter. We’ll go over the major ones below: 

  • Markham: In Markham, furnace filters go in your clear garbage bags. All residents must use clear bags for garbage, and if there is recyclable materials then it may be rejected. 
  • Vaughan: In Vaughan, furnace filters go in the garbage. 
  • Richmond Hill: In Richmond Hill, furnace filters also go in the garbage bin. 

Those in smaller municipalities may have to call the authorities to confirm where furnace filters go. 

Can You Recycle Furnace Filters in Toronto? 

No, furnace filters cannot be recycled in the city of Toronto either. They should be put into the garbage along with other waste and not in the recycling bin. 

Can You Burn Furnace Filters in Toronto? 

No, furnace filters cannot be burned in the City of Toronto or anywhere in the GTA. It is not wise to burn furnace filters and release their carbon into the atmosphere. 

Are you looking to get information about disposing of your furnace filter in GTA Area? Look no further! Contact the HVAC experts at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare today to get help!

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