Basement Air Quality Problems & Solutions

It is not uncommon for basement space to go unused because of high levels of dust, dampness, and musty odours that create an unpleasant environment. However, you can make the most of your living space by improving your basement’s air quality. Here we cover five basement air quality problems with solutions to help you finally enjoy your basement. 

1. How to Make Basement Air Fresh to Get Rid of Musty Smells 

Poor indoor air quality can lead to unpleasant musty smells created by things like excess dust, moisture and pollutants in the air. The best way to make your basement air fresher is to use air filtration to help purify the air. There are two types of air filtration products: 

  • Electronic Air Filters: This filter removes airborne pollutants and contaminants such as cigarette smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, mould and dust from your home. 
  • Mechanical Air Filter: This filter removes dust and other irritating particles attracted by your HVAC systems blower fan. They are ideal to circulate clean air by removing particles and sending clean air back into your basement. 

Your HVAC specialist can recommend the best filtration solution for your needs.   

2. How To Get Rid Of Dampness In a Basement Apartment 

Basements are prone to dampness issues because they are surrounded by concrete and built underground with little ventilation offered by windows. Signs of dampness in a basement might include mould growth, damp walls, condensation, a musty smell, or a moist feeling on books and other papers. A dehumidifier can help reduce dampness in the basement to improve poor air quality. 

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3. How to Take a Basement Air Test to Find the Cause for Poor Quality Air in Basement 

If you feel your basement just doesn’t feel right or is constantly producing a smell whether it is musty, mouldy, dusty or mildewy, you can purchase a basement air testing monitor. Advanced models can detect: 

  • Harmful odourless gasses 
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Airborne particulate matter (PM) 
  • Humidity levels 
  • Temperature 

This can help you identify air quality issues, so you know a) if it is dangerous and b) the causes. If you detect mould or gasses, you can call in the professionals to help rid you of the issue. However, if it has to do with VOCs, PM, humidity or temperature, your local home comfort expert can offer solutions. They can install an air purifier, dehumidifiers, or recommend filtration products. If your HVAC system is faulty they might also recommend replacement. 

4. How to Improve Basement Ventilation Due to Poor Air Circulation 

Basements are notorious for poor air circulation. This tends to be one of the major causes of that unpleasant smell and feel in your basement. Because air isn’t circulated, bad air gets trapped and is never recycled with clean outside air. A lack of windows just makes matters worse. A mechanical ventilation system helps bring fresh air into your space. However, you can also opt for an air purifier which helps provide the same results at a far lower cost. 

5. How to Use Fresh Air Systems in the Basement to Reduce Air Pollution 

Using an air purifier helps keep the air in your basement smelling fresh while also preventing you from breathing in pollutants. The best models use ultraviolet light to get rid of odours helping rid your basement of that musty smell. 

Are you concerned about the quality of air in your basement and looking for solutions? Contact the experts at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare today to get help. 

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