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One of the advantages of the internet is you can find a DIY video for almost anything. Log on to YouTube, and you can learn how to paint a build garden bed, repair leaky faucets or repair your HVAC. DIY HVAC repair may seem beneficial to your pocket and time-saving. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Below, we delve into the quick fixes of HVAC repair you can DIY and when to leave the AC & furnace repairs to a professional HVAC repair service.  

DIY Repairs 

A dirty filter isn’t reason enough to call your HVAC expert. Here are some DIY HVAC repairs you can take on: 

  1. Replacing air filters – Periodically clean and change your air filters to avoid subpar air quality. Change your filters every 3-4 months or when they get clogged. 
  2. Cleaning the outside of the condenser – The condenser is exposed to twigs, dirt and debris. Clean the surroundings of the outside AC unit to keep your HVAC in good working condition.  
  3. Replacing or installing insulation – Replacing your insulation ensures your split system won’t have to work as hard to deliver cooling during summer and heating during winter. 

DIY Repairs You Shouldn’t Try 

There are numerous cases of DIY HVAC repairs gone wrong. Some repairs you shouldn’t attempt include: 

  1. Replacing the thermostat – Switching to a smart thermostat is a welcome idea. However, wrongly installing it would result in high energy bills since the smart thermostat would be getting incorrect temperature readings. 
  2. Fixing electrical components – Wires and other electrical components are a no-go zone for DIY. You could electrocute yourself or, even worse, cause a house fire.  
  3. Washing the condenser – A rookie’s mistake is to use a garden hose to clean the condenser. You will only lodge the debris and dirt into the coils, which reduces efficiency and costs you more in electricity bills. 

Only attempt DIY furnace & AC repair if you already have the tools and the knowledge. Even so, there are some repairs that you shouldn’t attempt for home’s safety, HVAC’s efficiency and your safety. 

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Why Trust the Professionals for HVAC Repair? 

HVAC experts have perfected fixing HVAC systems and are well versed with the intricate components of a heating and cooling system, even the tricky smart thermostat. There are multiple reasons to seek professional HVAC repair services. Here are some. 

You Maintain Your Warranty

DIY jobs void the warranty, which means you will have to cover the cost of installing a new HVAC system if yours runs down within the warranty period. Professionals ensure you maintain the validity of the warranty since they have the necessary certification and expertise to repair your HVAC systems. 

Saves You Money

HVAC repair companies buy tools in bulk; hence they get them at a discount. The savings translate to you since the professionals would charge you the fair value of the components. Also, professionals are fast and diligent about their job meaning you’ll save money and have your system repaired in no time. 

You Avoid Safety Hazards

HVAC systems have furnaces that can burn you, toxic fumes that can choke you and electrical and gas components that can cause fires resulting in fatal accidents. Therefore, it is best to leave all electrical, gas and heater repairs to the professionals. 

Get Your HVAC Serviced Today! 

Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare offers a wide range of HVAC services from installation and maintenance to repair that suit your budget and guarantee comfort. Take the uncertainty out of HVAC DIY repair by trusting us to provide you with industry-leading HVAC services. 

Contact us today to schedule your repair or get a customized maintenance plan without paying more than you should.  


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