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Together, people all over the world are doing their part to become more environmentally conscious and make a positive impact on the planet. Energy saving tips have been suggested as one of the main ways to make a difference.

Have you ever wondered what impact your energy saving practices are actually making on the earth? Here are the energy saving tips which have proven to be the most useful:

1. Using fluorescent light bulbs
2. Turning off the lights
3. Painting your house in light colours
4. Using small appliances to cook meals
5. Using cold water when possible
6. Powering off electronics you are not using
7. Reducing the use of your car with alternative transportation choices (cycling, the bus, walking)
8. Eliminating single use plastics (like straws)
9. Donating items rather than throwing them away
10. Upgrading to energy efficient HVAC technology.

Energy Efficient HVAC Technology

While turning off the lights and your electronics does of course contribute positively to saving the planet, energy efficient HVAC technology has been identified as one of the most effective ways to save energy and thus help save the earth.

Each year, a majority of a household’s energy expenditures come from heating and cooling the home. Working with the government, the HVAC industry has revolutionized our technology to offer more energy efficient options. Newer, energy efficient HVAC units like our TM9E furnace or our “Microchannel” technology air conditioners offer the following benefits:

• Lower utility bills
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Improved indoor climate control
• Quiet and efficient operation
• Increased unit lifespan.


Do your part to truly help the earth by upgrading to energy efficient HVAC technology this year. Interested in learning more about what efficiency furnace you should buy? Curious about environmentally friendly cooling options? Get in touch with us today to explore your options!

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