Smart spring chores for your furnace, air conditioner and more.

Spring cleaning is one of those begrudging home ownership traditions. A winter hibernating with the windows closed leaves the house in need of a serious refreshing, but that means a lot of annoying chores.

Spring AC maintenanceYou clean out the closets and drawers, empty and rearrange the garage, get the pool clean and ready.

It’s easy to run out of steam when maintenance on the air conditioner, ducts or furnace come around.

But we strongly encourage all homeowners to start with furnace, air condition or duct maintenance. There are so many reasons to make this a priority. Here are 3.

Owning a home is expensive.

The increased energy efficiency regular spring cleaning for your air conditioner or furnace brings can make a significant dent in your monthly heating or cooling costs.

  • Buildup inside your furnace or air conditioner can represent approximately 30{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} of a cooling or heating bill.
  • Leaks in your ductwork can add 20{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} or more.
  • Low refrigerant adds another 20{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} or more in cooling energy for your air conditioner.

Most families book HVAC maintenance at the start of spring or fall.

At the start of the spring, an air conditioner maintenance visit makes sure the winter hasn’t been too hard on your cooling unit. Closer to the fall, furnace maintenance brushes the cobwebs off your heating system for the winter.

If you spend the same as an average family in Ontario on heating or cooling, the cost of a maintenance visit pays for itself in the first two months of the summer/winter. It also extends the lifespan of your equipment, and helps avoid costly repairs by catching emerging problems early.

Sign up for a maintenance plan and we’ll keep track of your maintenance schedule so you don’t have to.

Are allergies a problem in your home?

air duct cleaning in torontoAllergens stick to the walls of your ductwork all year long. In the spring, when new allergens are released, the allergy effects in your home are multiplied.

The air filter in your furnace catches some, but it’s not 100{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} effective. Especially if you don’t replace your filter regularly (every 3 months is recommended, unless your owner’s manual says otherwise).

As all the particles land on the coils in your air handling unit, they combine with moisture in the area to form a layer of grime that’s tough to get off.

Then you have problems with mold and bacteria. If you don’t do something about it, guess what your family breathes every moment you spend at home?

We recommend most customers keep up with regular furnace and AC maintenance annually, and spring for duct cleaning every 2-3 years.

Now is the time!

Spring is here (even if it doesn’t look like it today), and the hot summer weather is just around the corner. That’ll be round-the-clock cooling from your AC, and you need it working right.

It’s always better to prevent problems with your HVAC system than pay for costly repairs. Maintenance might not avoid every issue your HVAC system can encounter, but you reduce your repair risk with every maintenance visit.

Our team is here to help. Book annual maintenance for your air conditioner or furnace today to make sure you save as much money on heating and cooling over the next year as you can.

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