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Do I need a water softener with city water? While those with well water are very used to thinking about the quality of their water, often those who rely on the city to supply their water do not. However, just because the water that the city provides to you is safe to drink, that doesn’t mean that it is ideal for your health. Does your water meet your needs? Often, people find that their city water is too hard or has an odd taste that negatively affects them in a number of different ways. 

1. City Water May Cause Scale 

When city water is too hard it has too many minerals in it. This high level of minerals has all sorts of negative effects because it doesn’t stay in the water. It starts to collect on just about everything that the water touches. This build-up of minerals is called scale. Most insidiously, it can build up on the inside of your pipes and cause water pressure issues and potentially even exacerbate clogs. While you can clean scale off other things, you cannot clean scale out of your pipes (at least not the supply pipes) without professional help. 

2. City Water Can Reduce the Lifespan of Appliances

City water can be hard on your appliances. Everything from your dishwasher to your washing machine will get scale development if your city water is too hard. This can put a great deal of stress on various parts of the machine and its drain lines. You may find that you need to repair and replace these machines more than you should because they have scale build-up. They can be flushed, but it is much simpler to have soft water flowing through them in the first place. 

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3. City Water Can Prevent Proper Suds Development   

Minerals in the water actually undermine the development of soap suds in water. Harder water may actually need twice the amount of soap to get the same level of clean. How much money are you wasting on hand soap, dish soap and laundry soap? Or, are you just getting a poorer level of clean because of your city water?

4. City Water Can Affect Your Skin and Hair  

Not only does soap work worse with minerals in it, but it is also more likely to make soap scum. This can be hard on your skin and your hair, which is due to the fact that you’ll use more soap and because it may have soap scum build-up on it.

5. City Water Can Increase Utility Costs

When scale builds up in your water heater, it insulates the water from the heat and can make it less efficient to heat up your water. This can increase your utility costs. Of course, it can also damage your water heater and make it more likely to need repairs, early replacements and regular flushing just to stay operational. 

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