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Keeping cool when it’s warm isn’t tricky when you’ve got air conditioning, but what about when radiant floor heating is involved? Balancing radiant heat and air conditioning might sound confusing, but the experts at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare have you covered.

Here, we will discuss radiant heat air conditioning options and how to air condition a house with radiant heat without wasting energy and money.

Adding Separate AC

Radiant heat warms your home from the floors up, distributing heat through hot water in the floor. This means no vents are needed to transport hot air from room to room. The downside? No air vents mean no central system to transport air conditioning from room to room either. The solution is installing separate AC into your home.

Installing ductwork is less cumbersome when you are only cooling your home. This is primarily because not every room in your house needs to be cooled. Your basement for example might stay cold with no added airflow. While the bedrooms and main living quarters could do with added AC as heat rises.

Benefits of Separate Radiant Heat and Air Conditioning

There are many benefits to air conditioning with radiant floor heating, primarily, the efficiency of choosing a separate system rather than try to do two jobs with one. There are some homes in dryer climates (dryer than Ontario), which can use cool water to cool homes through radiant floor systems. However, this is not ideal in Canada where condensation risks could cause mould and other issues.

Often trying to use a single system to heat and cool your home terminates one of the functions as the other is in use. Generally, you don’t have heat and AC on at the same time. But, let’s say your basement is extremely cold even in the summer, while your bedroom runs so hot you can’t sleep. Being able to separate cold and hot air, not only solves both issues at once but doesn’t overwork your boiler or furnace in the process.

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Now that you’ve decided to add air conditioning to your home as a counterpart to your radiant floor heating, you need to choose the right air conditioner for your purposes. There are the standard window models to consider, and this is fine if you plan on cooling only a room, or a small apartment. However, if you want access to the entire home, it is best to speak to a heating and cooling expert like the team at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare about your ductwork and central heating options.

If your home already has ductwork, this process may be a simpler task than you think. If not, there are workarounds, and the right cooling company can find you an affordable way to implement in-home air conditioning.

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