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Maximizing efficiency when heating your home is the name of the game, but there are some tips and tricks that are based on myth, rather than facts. To get the facts straight and help you get the most out of your HVAC system, here are 5 furnace myths and facts that you need to know.

Myth #1: Changing the temperature on your thermostat doesn’t make a difference

Fact: It’s simple – the warmer you keep your home, the more energy you will use to do so. So go ahead and lower that temperature and pull out that sweater! It will save you more money in the end.

Pro tip: Purchase a programmable thermostat and create temperature settings that coincide with when the home is occupied (warmer) and when it is not (cooler).

Myth #2: Increase the heat to warm up your home faster.

Fact: If your home is too cold and the heater has been running for a significant amount of time, turning up the heat will make a difference. But, if you’re only raising the temperature in hopes to heat the home up faster, you may just want to wait a little longerand grab a sweater. Most HVAC systems in a home will run at the same rate until the optimal temperature is reached. Unfortunately, this means that your furnace won’t run any faster to heat your home quicker.

Myth #3: Closing vents in unused rooms is more efficient

Fact: Closing vents in unused rooms can actually use more energy than if you were to leave them open. This is because most modern furnaces operate with sensitivity to air distribution throughout the home. Closing the vents in your home’s unused rooms makes your furnace work harder since it is trying extra hard to distribute heat equally through fewer vents.

If you have more questions about your furnace, contact us today, we would be happy to help.

Myth #4: Having cold feet in your home is normal, especially in the winter

Fact: Cold feet in your home doesn’t mean that you just need to deal with wearing socks all winter; rather it’s an indication that your home is likely lacking insulation where it matters most. This means that the heating that you are paying for is simply lost. In this case, check sealing around doors, windows – any opening in your home. Better yet, have your home inspected and properly sealed by a heating and cool professional.

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Myth #5: Furnace maintenance isn’t needed on an annual basis

Fact: Most manufacturers recommend annual inspections of your furnace, which not only keeps your furnace running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, but it also assists in maintaining your warranty.

On a similar note, it’s important that you maintain your furnace, but also say goodbye when a furnace is past its prime. A new furnace can mean the difference in your energy consumption and your heating bill in the long run.

Advice from the Furnace Experts

When you learn the facts about your furnace you can save money on your monthly bill while also keeping you and your family comfortable. For more information on your furnace contact our experts today!

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