Are UV furnace lights effectiveDoes it seem like we have turned to some unusual practices to keep things clean and improve our home’s air quality after the Covid-19 pandemic? That may leave you a little skeptical about UV furnace lights, which are said to make your home’s air healthier. Are furnace UV lights effective? Yes. You can use them to get better indoor air quality, but it is important to understand exactly what that means. 

What Are UV Furnace Lights? 

UV furnace lights are ultraviolet lights placed inside of your HVAC system. As air blows through the system, it has to pass by the lights. These lights release a specific type of light, or radiation, that destroys the DNA within any microbes passing in front of it. With their DNA destroyed, mold spores, viruses and bacteria cannot replicate. They keep living for a little while, but they don’t multiply in your HVAC system. 

UV Light Furnace Benefits 

There are many benefits of installing ultraviolet lights in your furnace or air ducts, including: 

  • Destroy viruses: Viruses are very small and can be challenging for other air purification methods to pick up, including HEPA filters. UV lighting can be effective on even the smallest viruses and will stop them from replicating. 
  • Undermine mold growth: Mold spores are always present in the air, waiting to find the wet spots in your home to multiply. UV filters can reduce the mold spore burden in your home. 
  • Kill bacteria: UV lights also kill bacteria which can keep your air much cleaner.   

UV lights will improve your air quality. That said, if you’re looking for UV furnace lights to create extreme levels of cleanliness in the air, or completely stop the transmission of the flu in your home, then furnace lights will not accomplish that. They do not cycle through enough air, fast enough, to kill all of the bacteria, mold and viruses in your home. They are also not 100% effective; they don’t kill everything in your HVAC system. However, they can still be highly beneficial.  

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Are UV Furnace Lights Worth It? 

That all depends on what you want. UV furnace lights may be very worthwhile for people who want to protect their HVAC equipment from mold growth, limit mold growth in their home, reduce the spread of pathogens in their home, and improve their air quality. 

There might, however, be other ways for you to achieve your goals for your home. There are other air purification methods, including HEPA filters that may be more beneficial in your circumstances. Or it may be that furnace lights are the most worthwhile option for you. We can walk you through your options and help you decide if these lights are worth the investment for you and your home specifically. 

Install UV Lights in Furnace 

Our team of proven professionals can install your UV lights in the furnace. Installation depends on the specific lights you have but, typically, you need to open up the air duct system and secure the lights inside.   

To learn more about the benefits of UV furnace lights, contact the team at Woodbridge GTA ClimateCare. 

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