How to get $2,100 back when you buy a furnace and air conditioner.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You can get $2,100 back when buying a new furnace and air conditioner right now.
  2. Your gas distribution company is running a program providing homeowners significant cash incentives for energy efficiency upgrades at home.
  3. We are offering cash incentives to choose ClimateCare branded products as your energy efficient upgrades.
  4. Most homeowners find the gas distribution company’s program confusing. We spent a long time combing through the details so we can help your family get the greatest cash return from the program.
  5. You have only until December 31st to score the $2,100 in cash incentives!

Visit us to buy a new furnace at 95{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} AFUE (the energy efficiency rating, you can ask us for more info about AFUE ratings when you visit), pair it with a new air conditioner and some do-it-yourself air sealing to get $1,750 back from your gas distribution company.

ClimateCare FurnaceChoose a ClimateCare brand furnace showing model numbers starting with TM9V, TP9C, TC7B, TH4B, AL6 or AL8 and we’ll give you an additional $350 back.

That amounts to cash incentives totaling $2,100. If your furnace and air conditioner need to be replaced in the next 2 or 3 years, now is a great time to get maximum value for upgrading.

Repairs are increasingly expensive over the lifetime of your furnace and air conditioner. The older they get, the more you spend on repairs (and the more often repairs are needed).

Why do you need us?

Most homeowners find the gas company’s incentive program hard to navigate. We know, we’re homeowners too.

Luckily, our jobs allow us to spend a lot of time combing through the incentive program to find the best value for the lowest investment. We can show you how to get a full $2,100 back for your home comfort system upgrades

How do I get the $2,100?

To qualify for the full $2,100 in cash incentives:

The upgrades need to be installed by December 31st, so you’re just in time!

The incentive program includes different combinations of upgrades giving homeowners different amounts of cash returns. After a lot of digging, we found the combination to get furnace and air conditioner buyers the full incentive value with the lowest investment.

home energy auditAll you have to do is:

  • Buy your new high-efficiency ClimateCare furnace and air conditioner from us.
  • Install some do-it-yourself air sealing (we can tell you exactly how to do it).
  • Book 2 energy audits (1 before installing your new equipment, 1 after).
  • Submit your ClimateCare incentive immediately (we will direct you how to do this when you buy).
  • Wait for the rest of your $2,100 to arrive in the mail.

Most homeowners don’t even know this program exists, and even fewer can navigate the confusing requirements to get the full value.

We want you to get every dollar you’re entitled to, and we’re happy to lead you through the steps.

Call us today to talk about qualifying furnaces, home inspections and everything else required to get new furnace and air conditioner buyers the full $2,100 in cash incentives.

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