Here are 5 ways to spend less on the various forms of energy we pay for as homeowners.

  1. Get yourself in hot water.

Water heaters total almost 20{6369897c66410f53ef897a90d73c2d12c99a8251621b6aa0889d3e95dfbde6d2} of your total energy bill every month, so there’s a huge opportunity for savings here. The less heat wasted, the more $$$ saved.

One way to preserve the heat in your water tank is with a water heater blanket, a simple insulated wrap that goes around your water heater.

Take it a step further and insulate the pipes in the basement leading to and from your water heater. This preserves warmth on your water’s journey to the faucet or showerhead so you can set your faucet at a cooler temperature to stay comfortable.

  1. Wrap it up

How insulated is your attic? A large number of homes in Woodbridge are short on attic insulation. Without good insulation, you’re making your air conditioner and furnace work harder than necessary.

You don’t put the windows down in the car and crank up the air conditioner, so don’t treat your house the same way!

A small investment in good insulation will put a tight wrap around your wallet, saving you real $$$ every month.

  1. Put your comfort on a schedule, sort of

Heating and cooling your home can account for half of your total energy bill. So if your system runs less, the savings will show themselves right away. One of the ways you can reduce use without sacrificing your perfectly comfortable air is by installing a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats can adapt your heating and cooling to your life by running your furnace or air conditioner less often during the hours that nobody is home.

  1. Upgrade to LED’ing lights

A single light bulb may not seem like much of an energy drain. But when you think about all the rooms in your home, and all the lights in those rooms, you can see how it’s an opportunity for savings.

Replace your old lights with some modern LEDs, and put some of your interior and exterior lights on a timer to limit daily use. You can increase outdoor security by having lights that come on automatically when it’s dark, without accidentally leaving them on all day.

Also consider using motion-activated light switches for rooms that see little use. You’ll have light when you need it, but you won’t stumble on a room where the kids left the lights on.

  1. Shower with less

Every drop of hot water that comes out of your shower head had to be heated. The less water you use, the less you spend heating water.

Low flow shower heads are more thrifty with the water they use, but you’ll barely, if at all, be able to tell the difference (not like the early generation low flow shower heads).

We can help with a lot of this. To cut down the cost of home ownership, give us a call today.


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